Our Culture

Our core values will provide the platform for a spirit of camaraderie, celebrating successes and promoting friendship as we work together.

We believe in respecting and caring for other
We promote an environment where every member is equally valued and appreciated; where personal and cultural differences are respected and members have a safe place for expression.

We believe in being dedicated to a culture of excellence

We desire to be the best that we can be in the realization of our personal and organizational aspirations. We will continually look for ways to be better than we were before, adopting continual learning as the path towards excellence in every aspect of what we do.

We believe in openness in communication
Openness in communication means we need to be frank and sincere in our interactions. Conducted in an amenable and amiable manner, it promotes bright new ideas.

We believe in acting with integrity
We will be well intentioned and consistent in everything we do. Through adherence to a code of conduct that reflects honesty, accountability and ethical practice, we build and sustain a healthy culture of openness and trust within the organization and society at large.

We believe in being passionate in what we do
We have a belief that what we do is meaningful and fulfilling. Passion commits us to our work. Through our commitment and enthusiasm we inspire others.

We believe in creating enjoyable environments
We will create environments that are supportive, nurturing and conducive to their purpose.We are also committed to creating an employee friendly work environment that allows for a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives.These commitments will enable us to attract and retain the best qualified people and create a workplace of which we can be proud and where we can always enjoy our work while carrying out our mission.

Past Activities

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