I take great pride in introducing and welcoming you to Life College. Birth several years ago was a dream to see a lasting and impressionable change to the education scene in Malaysia and beyond. Life College is now a reality. Will you be counted in to write history together with us?

Best regards,
Raymond Mooi





Dear Students,

Welcome to Life College! It is the role of the Academic Advisory Board (AAB) to ensure that the courses conducted at Life College (LC) are of a high standard and that the standard is maintained. The AAB does this by looking into the contents of the courses to make certain that they are benchmarked against those in good universities locally and abroad. The AAB members can do this because its members are from local and foreign universities and they all have taught and researched in universities. The Board also looks into the quality of examination questions, how they are assessed and how examinations are conducted. It also advises LC on the relevancy and currency of the curricula so that LC’s graduates can be absorbed into the workplace quickly. Wishing you, Happy Learning, a Good Graduation and Happiness in Your Career.

Dr. B. C. Tan
Academic Advisory Board

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