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We are so glad that you are considering joining us for your tertiary studies.

Studying abroad is an exciting adventure, and for many of you, this may be the first time you are away from home. You are about to embark on a journey of discovery – new learning opportunities, language, culture, customs and friendships. This may be your major life transition and you may also worry about the many unknowns.

For those of you who worry about the English Language, we have specially designed an English For Life Program to help you cope with the difficulties faced in the shortest possible time. This is an effective, fun and fast track method to learn English; teaching you the secrets to see a word and sound it, hear a word and spell it as well as build your self confidence to read, write, listen and speak English accurately.

At Life College, we have a team of dedicated staff to support international students in their transition to Malaysia and the Malaysian culture and education. Our staff will help you adjust to college life, navigate the immigration process, organise social events and activities as well as provide you with a conducive environment to help you succeed and achieve your goals. You will have an unforgettable college experience with us!.

You are welcome to talk to any of our staff whenever you need assistance or information about your academic studies, college life, etc. Read on for some helpful information about Application and Admission, Acceptance of Application, Airport Pick up and Malaysia in general.

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We look forward to welcome you at Life College.

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