Student Service

Student Development and Counselling

Are you finding your personal problems are affecting your experience in Life College? Short-term individual counseling and online counseling are available to all students studying in Life College. We deal with all issues professionally and anonymously. Feel free to come talk to us about your problem.

Health And Well-being

Need information and advice about your health and well-being ? We can connect you with our panel doctors to assist you further. Your health and well-being is the uttermost priority in Life College.

Careers and Employment

Need help with career planning or finding a job or internship? Make an appointment to speak to our industrial placement officer at Student Service.

Student Housing

Student Service Center will provide a list of fully furnished to non-furnished private rooms , apartment units and houses in the vicinity of the college that is registered with us. You may also visit here for more information regarding student housing.

Student Finance

Life College is pleased to offer scholarships/financial support to our students. Come speak to our student finance and scholarship officer at student service to understand more about the latest type of scholarships and financial assistances that are available. You may also visit here for more information regarding financial assistance and scholarships.

Student Amenities Association

Life College provides a wide range of services to our students: academic advices & advocacy, clubs and societies, city public transport advices, student legal services and more. Please contact our student service for more information.



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