Business & Finance

This is a highly regarded program designed to equip you with strong business knowledge in today’s challenging and competitive environment. The extensive curriculum of business as well as marketing, human resource, finance and entrepreneurship enable students to adopt an enquiring and creative approach and to exercise self-judgement and critical thinking and capacity to integrate differing ideas to manage a range of problems and situations in the world of business.
> Diploma in Business Studies (Course ID:101)


Our accounting program will provide you with the knowledge and technical ability required to excel in the fields of Finance and Accounting. It covers a broad and inter-disciplinary aspect of accounting, business, information systems, audit and finance. It balances conceptual knowledge with applied curriculum.
> Diploma in Accounting  (Course ID:301)

Multimedia & Design

Our Multimedia Design is a studio-based program providing students with the knowledge and skills in a wide range of professional multimedia development packages that range from subjects such as Multimedia Development to 3D Animation to Digital Audio and Digital Video. The emphasis of the course is not solely on multimedia skills, but also on personal and business skills that enable the student to become an effective communicator, team player and a valued employee.
Diploma in Multimedia (Course ID:1101)


Mass Communication

Our mass communication degree produces corporate media professionals for the 21st century. This major will help you to become part of a growing employment sector in mass communication, digital media and corporate communication. Strategic communication skills are needed to inform the public, to publicize organisations and to sell their services and products.
> Diploma in Mass Communication (Course ID:101)

Language Skills

Learning a language is not just about studying in the classroom however and that is why we make enormous efforts to give you as many possibilities to practice English outside of classes and meet native speakers with a social program that is a little different.
> English For Life  (Course ID:301)

Coming Soon

Life College will be providing many more courses in the near future. If you have any enquiry regarding the courses we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Coming Soon (Course ID:1101)

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