Diploma in Accounting

The curriculum covers a broad and inter-disciplinary aspect of accounting, business, information systems, audit and finance. It balances conceptual knowledge with applied curriculum. This programme enables students to adopt an enquiring and creative approach, to exercise critical awareness of issues in accounting. All subjects emphasize development, understanding, and perception of the skills and issues involved in the accounting process. It prepares students to enroll themselves into an undergraduate degree programme . Students will have opportunities to gain good grounding to meet the growing challenges and demands of an accounting career in today’s Knowledge Economy.

Career Opportunities

  • Graduates from this diploma can gain advanced standing into into the second or third year of degree studies. Graduates who wish to join the world of accountancy and finance may seek job opportunities in the field of accounting, audit, finance,management, e-business, share-broking, banking, real estate or start up their own enterprise.

Preparation for the Industry
• To provide students with an appreciation of the current issues in accounting and how such can be applied to their actual work settings.
• To equip students with an understanding of contemporary issues in the international business environment, so that they can apply such concepts to their tasks and perform them effectively.
• To impart to students concepts of modern accounting information systems and the applications of accounting/financial models.
• To develop in students the intellectual capacity to define, analyse and solve problems of both a structured and an unstructured nature.
• To foster students’ ability to work effectively within a team.
• To equip students with the skills and techniques required to carry out research on issues in the field of accounting and finance.
• To prepare students for further studies in both professional and degree pathways in accounting or other related disciplines.

Learning and assessment

  • The course helps you to develop skills such as essay and report writing, presentation and communication. You will be taught through a variety of methods, including lectures, tutorials teamwork,collective research, presentations and seminars. Students are assessed by a combination of written examinations and coursework.


  • The Diploma in Accounting JPT/BPP(K) 1000-600/B247 (R/344/4/0201) 12/2019 MQA/FA:A4791 is approved by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia and recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Awarded by:
Life College

Entry Requirements:
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) / O Level
Minimum of 3 credits or equivalent.

Note: All information is correct at the time of update (March 2014) and is subject to change.

3 years

January, May & August

Further Studies:

  • Life College University Placement Unit will assist students who choose to transfer, secure a place in the university of their choice as well as handling all necessary arrangement with the universities on behalf of the students.

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